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What is the Mayor’s Summer Reading Club?

The Mayor’s Summer Reading Club is a program for children ages birth to eight and their families that take place in locations throughout the city of Atlanta over the summer. The program designates a city- wide book choice for infants, for children ages 2-4, and for children ages 5-8 to share with families at no cost to them. Throughout the summer, libraries, museums, farmers’ markets, and other institutions in Atlanta will hold “book club reads” to model research based methods of reading books with children and will host enrichment events based upon the stories. The books will come to life as children enjoy arts and crafts activities, drama exercises, and other hands on activities designed to make the language in the stories meaningful to children.

What are the program goals?

The reading club will utilize public-private partnerships to:

  • Continue building vocabulary and reading skills in children birth to eight over the summer
  • Coach parents on how to better engage with their kids around reading
  • Improve reading and literacy rates among children in the city of Atlanta

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- 8 hours ago

RT @KasimReed: 60K books have been made available to young people through this powerful partnership. https://t.co/nEV0YNEZbw
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- 11 hours ago

WOW! @MSRC_ATL was awarded $25,000 for books as the @KPMG 2016 Principal Grant Recipient! #earlyliteracy #GAEarlyEd… https://t.co/cl3IY5trp4
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- 5 days ago

We are so grateful to be the 2016 Fashion for Literacy Principal Grant Beneficiary! Thank you, @KPMG! #earlyliteracy https://t.co/9zNdoBVWIh
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- 34 days ago

RT @Sheltering_Arms: Our kids are always excited about #reading! #ece https://t.co/TlZmrsgmkb
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