In My Granny’s Garden

In My Granny’s Garden

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By: Pearl Cleage and Zaron Burnett Jr.

Illustrated By: Radcliffe Bailey

Ages: 3-5

Commissioned for MSRC by our partners at the Alliance Theatre, In My Granny’s Garden contains a READ Guide from the Rollins Center for Early Learning and Literacy (Atlanta Speech School).

As a young boy, Zaron Burnett spent a great deal of time on the large North Carolina farm of his extended family. He has great memories of being invited to work in his grandmother’s garden and of the early morning hours they spent together growing some of the food that would feed the household. This real memory was used to shape a story that takes a city child who, like too many city children, thinks food comes from a grocery store and allows him to see where food really originates. His appreciation for his grandmother’s skill inspires him to think of her as a Superhero because “we need food to live.” There are also quiet moments between the grandson and grandmother where she encourages him to “dream big.” He promises her that he will.


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