The way parents read makes a big difference in the development of their children’s vocabulary, comprehension and critical thinking skills. Therefore, one of the goals of the MSRC is to provide information and coaching to parents on how to better engage with their children while reading. Research shows that by reading with their children – not to them – parents greatly increase children’s language and literacy, developing the foundation they need to enter kindergarten as strong, confident learners on a path to grade level reading. The Rollins Center for Language & Literacy at the Atlanta Speech School has developed the READ strategy:

  1. Repeat the book
  2. Engage and enjoy
  3. Ask Questions
  4. Do more with the book

You can access more information on the Read Strategy from the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy.


The Rollins Center for Language & Literacy has created READ Guides for the 2017 MSRC Book Selections. The documents will help parents and caretakers use the READ Strategy while reading to their child/children.

2018 READ Guides, Coming Soon!

READ Guide for A Color of His Own

The READ Guide for “Amari’s Big Idea” can be found inside of the book.

READ Guide for Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table

Opportunities for Engagement for Parent Readers

Do Mores:

  1. Visit a friend’s young baby or a hospital nursery to see the newborn babies.
  2. Prepare a special dish for a neighbor who is ill, elderly, or has a new baby in the house. Firefighters in local firehouses also like to receive special treats from the neighbors they help protect.
  3. Decorate a shoebox as if it were a new bedroom for a young child or a new baby.  Talk about the furniture that is used in different rooms of the house and how a baby’s room uses different furniture than a bigger kid’s room.
  4. Write a book for a special neighbor or family member.  Draw pictures and write the story of a special event.
  5. Plan a surprise for a family member, friend, or neighbor.  Take pictures of the event and create a scrapbook story afterwards as a memory book of the event.
  6. Attend a Do It Yourself workshop at your local hardware store with your child(ren) and you can build something together just like Will and his dad built the crib.
  7. You and your child can play pretend and dress up as doctors! You can talk and sing to a baby doll just like they do in the NICU at Grady Hospital.
  8. Plan a neighborhood block party or picnic to get to know your neighbors better!
  9. Make “Get Well Soon” cards and bring them to the hospital to brighten a patient’s day! Also, you and your child(ren) could make “Thank You” cards to bring to the doctors and nurses at the hospital for all their hard work and service!
  10. Go to and watch “TALK With Me” if you want to:

·         Learn more about how and why you need to have meaningful conversations with your baby!

·         Become a coach to empower and support families so they, too, can engage in meaningful conversations with their young children.

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